Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Student Profile - Lily Holston

Lily Holston
Lily at 10 years old

 Lily began riding when she participated in the
Let Em Ride program seven years ago. For many years she had made it clear that there was NO WAY she would get on a horse. And then, once she did, there was no holding her back!

Lily at 15 years old
 Now, at almost 15, she  confidently catches, grooms and tacks up her own horse.  She rides independently at the walk and trot and canters on the lunge line. Currently she is learning some dressage figures and CONSIDERING riding in a dressage show next June. What progress this young lady has made!  Look at that nice position ... heels down, straight line from elbow to bit ... which takes such hard work and focus to maintain.  We are so proud of Lily!

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