Thursday, December 10, 2009

2009 Horse of the Year

Each autumn all the riders, volunteers and staff at MVRU get to cast their vote for the most wonderful, useful and well-loved horse in our programs. In 2009, as always, it was a close contest between the top 4 equines - Little Black, Buttons, Ginger, and Finesse. Rising to the top, Finesse, has been crowned Queen for this year! Last year's winner, Ginger, followed closely on the heels of her black friend.
Words can only begin to describe what is so unique about the character of these mares ... they are versatile, dependable, intelligent and generous. These traits combined with thoughtful, diligent training, physical soundness and athletic ability have produced two outstanding school horse who also excel outside the lesson 'arena'! Their combined skills include impeccable ground manners, leading and round pen work, long-lining for hippotherapy, lunging beautifully, excelling as bareback and beginner horses through first level dressage, jumping, Training level eventing, trail riding, cutting and working cattle.