Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My friend Henry There is a difference between just riding the horse and making a connection with a horse. Henry showed me what it felt like to have a great relationship between horse and rider. Most of the time we were speaking the same language. Henry gave me so much; he gave me the ability to grow as a rider. And trust me looking back at photos and videos I (we) have improved immensely! When I first heard of Henry, I didn’t really know what to think. I heard he pulled A LOT. But I also heard he was a great jumper. I needed desperately for some confidence in jumping. I had just finished my last show with my pony Midnight. And I was ready to move on to another horse, but who? I know this may be hard to believe. But I had a dream about riding Henry. I dreamed about going to my first recognized event on him. (Looking back, I find it weird that I dreamt about riding him and here I am writing about how much he gave to me as a rider!) And so I started to ride him, and I took lessons and spent time with him, so I knew him inside and out. Then I started jumping him. Henry gave me confidence in my riding, to think to myself I can do this, I can conquer all obstacles. And with hard work the two of us, as a team did. As we grew as a team the movements got more challenging. And even though it was hard, especially for him, he kept moving. Henry also showed the fun parts to riding a great horse like him, to go cantering across a field and to feel completely comfortable and free. Through hard work and great times we got to this place that was very special. I understood him, he understood me and we where a great team. If you are a rider than you know what I am talking about. To feel connected to a horse is the best thing ever, to be an inseparable team. It seems not until something is gone from you, you start to appreciate them even more. And how much they gave you. Henry pushed me higher and gave me a true feeling of horse back riding. I will never forget that amazing place we got to; I will never forget the fun times we had. But most importantly I will never forget how much I love him and how far he has taken me. With the confidence he has given me, I feel confident with any horse I jump. And to me that is very important!  Now that I realize he was being ridden by me and used lessons with a neck injury it makes me appreciate him even more!! I LOVE YOU HEN!
Sparks Fly ~ Runner Up for 2012 MVRU Horse of the Year This lovely Welsh/Welsh Cob mare likely received many votes due to her user friendly size and temperament. She is sweet, smart and, obviously, CUTE. Her willing and obedient nature have made 'Sparky' a favorite in summer horse camps and weekly lessons. Her athleticism and smarts also make her a great asset to the Moccasin Lake Ranch Equestrian Team. In addition, she is a terrifc bareback and trail riding pony!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Horse of the Year Results It is only fitting on this election year that we had a close race for Horse of the Year. All the votes have been counted and the winners are .. HENRY
.. and SPARKS FLY !
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